Manga Memo

Manga Memo is a native Android app that allows you to stay up to date on the releases of Manga (Japanese comics), published in Italy by various publishers.

One of the most popular apps in Italy in the fan community, it has been on the Google Play Store since 2015 and makes it possible to quickly and easily:

  • Navigate through the various issues of the publishing houses in the sector;
  • Explore the details of the different books, with the possibility of reading the plot;
  • Create your own list of manga to follow so that you are notified each time they are published;
  • Create a cost forecast for scheduled purchases;
  • Consult publication statistics at the national level and for your own purchasing forecasts;
  • Much more available soon…

To date, the following Italian publishing houses are monitored and managed:

 ✔ Dynit;
 ✔ Flashbook;
 ✔ J-Pop (and the GP Manga);
 ✔ Magic Press (MX ed 801);
 ✔ Panini Comics (Planet Manga and Panini Disney);
 ✔ RW Edizioni (GOEN);
 ✔ Star Comics.